The Stupid Test 5 Vanishes From the App Store?

We’re surprised to find out that our newly released app The Stupid Test 5, that was even featured by Apple in New & Noteworthy vanished from our iTunes Connect account (App Store publisher’s management area). We’re clueless on what is going on and have already contacted App Review team for support but yet to hear anything about it.

What really hurt us is after the extensive marketing campaign that we have operated, the app finally made it into the Top 100 of Entertainment paid app just yesterday. All the effort and money spent is going to a waste even if we get reinstated (we hope to get reinstated).

This is probably something similar to those developers story that we often heard having their app approved initially only to be pulled out of App Store. But this makes it weird as to our knowledge, even a single app is banned from the App Store for some certain violation should always remain in the “Manage Application” area with a different app status flag.. We can’t really confirm this until we get some sort of notice or reply from Apple. We certainly hope it’s just a system glitch.

Do you think the app happen to fall on some blue area that penalize it’s appearance? Stay tuned for more updates when they become available.

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