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Nexx Studio’s Free App Madness on App Store

(Our App Store Page) Most major game studios had a crazy price drop yesterday. Nexx Studio decided to follow their moves for the launch of Pig Shot by dropping the prices of our products to FREE! Over the next few days, most of Nexx Studio’s product including Photo Spot, The idiot Test 3 & The […]

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Reality Check: Free iPhone Apps by Independent Dev

A week ago, we announced the successful free campaign that we have conducted for The Idiot Test 3. Over 500,000 copies of the game was downloaded from the App Store, within a brief two weeks period of the campaign the game. This week’s report put that total to an astonishing 660,000 copies. It is definitely […]

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The Idiot Test 3: Half A Million Downloads

We are excited to announce that The Idiot Test 3 just hit half a million downloads since it was made ‘Free’ less than a month ago. Over the free period the game peaked to the top of the App Store download chart in United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Past 2 weeks alone, the app was […]

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The Idiot Test 3 on App Store is FREE for a Limited Time

We’re pleased to announce that The Idiot Test 3 will be made available for FREE on the App Store. The game will be available for FREE on the App Store for a limited time. Let your friends know about this great deal! Read more about The Idiot Test 3 online here.

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