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Glow Puzzle & More Goes Free on App Store Simply Because It’s Christmas

Here I am, about a week before Christmas and right before I head to bed, I decided to make Glow Puzzle (Universal),┬áPig Shot (Universal), Bloom Box (iPhone) FREE for 2 days on iTunes App Store. Simply because Christmas is coming! Bloom Box ($1.99 > Free) Addicting puzzle game with exciting chain reaction gameplay. Move the […]

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Nexx Studio’s Free App Madness on App Store

(Our App Store Page) Most major game studios had a crazy price drop yesterday. Nexx Studio decided to follow their moves for the launch of Pig Shot by dropping the prices of our products to FREE! Over the next few days, most of Nexx Studio’s product including Photo Spot, The idiot Test 3 & The […]

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Glow Puzzle Released on App Store

We’re delighted to announce that Glow Puzzle is now available on the App Store for Free. Glow Puzzle is a simple yet very addictive neon themed puzzler, specially designed for iDevice. The goal is to connect all of the dots with a continuous path without overlapping a line that is already established. Glow Puzzle is […]

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