Photo Spot: Global Challenge Patch Released

The much anticipated Photo Spot: Global Challenge patch which features a global high score chart feature in addition to the existing local high score listing has been released. A detailed version of the global high score is also made available on our official homepage. [Link]

In addition to the major addon, the game also feature 27 new game images to extend your gameplay to over 125+ possible game levels and the developer promises that at least 50 new images is set to follow in two weeks time. Existing flaws to the game such as the inability to identifying errors that were made when sound mode is disabled have been addressed in this update with an animated display icon.

The developer has also rewritten the random image generator to improve the randomness of the images that you will encounter as well as the overall performance of the game. Images that are deemed not playable by user’s feedback have also been improved.

• Added global highscore chart
• Added 27 gameplay images
• Added animation to display error
• Recreated the random image generator
• Improved the playability of older images
• Improved memory management
• Bug fixes

Existing Photo Spot users can download the patch for free while new adopter can fetch the package for a limited time offer of $0.99. Get your copy today!

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