Glow Puzzle Released on App Store

We’re delighted to announce that Glow Puzzle is now available on the App Store for Free. Glow Puzzle is a simple yet very addictive neon themed puzzler, specially designed for iDevice. The goal is to connect all of the dots with a continuous path without overlapping a line that is already established.

Glow Puzzle is an original game that we have acquired from an indie developer, Gloculptors over a month ago. We’ve enhanced the game in many different ways including the new neon theme graphics, spacey sound effects and some other added more functionality.

The game was featured in T-Mobile Austria’s Top Apps for Android platform.

It features up to 170 brain teasing levels and will be available for free on the iPhone & iPod Touch. Additional level packs can be downloaded via the in-app purchase for just $0.99 on every additional 75 levels.

Upcoming Updates
We’re already working on a universal app for the iPhone 4 and iPad’s high resolution screen. In addition to that, more level packs will be introduced as a free addon to the existing level packs.

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