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Photo Spot Hits App Store

After a series of delays and 6 months of development period, here we present you one of the best Spot the Difference game in the Appstore, Photo Spot! Are you ready to put yourself to the challenge to complete over 100 sets of images and gain hours of entertainment? Get a copy of the amazing […]

Photo Spot Awaiting App Store’s Approval

We’ve layed down the final piece of Photo Spot and submitted the App to Apple for approval. You should be expecting the game in the App Store in two weeks time. The game will be released with an introductory price of $0.99 and we’re still deciding on the final pricing. I’ll make another announcement here […]

Delay With The Release of Photo Spot

Our effort to release Photo Spot during the Holiday season has been hampered due to various tax complications and appaling coopperation from iTunes Connect staff. Any further development on Photo Spot and upcoming Apps are placed on hold until the sales with Photo Spot kicks off and reestablish the cash flow for the company. We’ve […]